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Dr. Baldia will not be in the office between the days of June 2nd- June 5th. But Holly and Lucy will be here for use of the roller table! To use the roller table, please call to make an appointment. These are the hours we will be open that week

June 1st- 9:30AM-1PM, 3PM-6PM (Only day this week to get chiropractic treatment)

June 2nd- 3PM-6PM (roller table only)

June 3rd- 9:30AM-1PM (roller table only)

June 4th- 3PM-6Pm (roller table only)

June 5th- 9:00AM-12PM (roller table only)


About CHIROsport & Spine

At CHIROsport & spine, Dr. Baldia believes in the importance of educating patients on what their condition may be, how they can feel better, and also how they can help themselves maintain optimal health. Dr. Baldia helps individuals live healthy, proactive lifestyles. He treats both adults and children, young and old, athletes and non-athletes. He enjoys treating athletes and active individuals to promote their wellness, enhance their performance, and assist them in injury recovery and prevention.

Families Are Welcomed!

At CHIROsport & spine we look forward to treating whole families! Dr. Baldia uses both manual and instrumental adjustments to help both the young and old with their health. Aside from using traditional manual adjustment, he also uses state-of-the-art technology – the ProAdjuster – that gently mobilizes joints into proper position through computerized analysis and high frequency percussion.  No twisting or cracking!

Major Network Coverage

We are in network with most major insurances including: Excellus BCBS, United Healthcare, Aetna, Smart Health, Empire Plan, Medicare, MVP, Multiplan, Cigna, Pomco, and Optum Health. We also accept and Personal Injury.

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Call 607.321.7674 to schedule a free consultation.

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