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Scoliosis Screenings are Important

Growth spurts can be difficult enough for most children, but put the chance of Scoliosis on top of that and it can be even more painful than it already is. Children should be screened a minimum of twice in their tween years to ensure that the spine is growing straight...

Scoliosis Awareness Month

June is Scoliosis Awareness Month. We want to share the knowledge of of Chiropractic and Scoliosis with you. To tell you more, please click on the post's title to see Theodore the Thoracic Vertebrae!

May is Posture awareness month

May is Posture awareness month

We know May is almost over, but we wanted to share our knowledge on posture and Chiropractic while it's still May. In perfect posture, the head should be over the shoulders, and the curves of the spine should be in the natural position. Poor posture can affect your...

We require face Masks

We are aware that the CDC just passed a new rule about face masks. It is our decision, since we are a health care facility, that we will still be requiring everyone to wear a face mask. If you have questions or concerns about our...

New Facebook

We have been having some issues with our Facebook page, so we created a new one! Please like us here! (If you search us, the new one is CHIROsport and Spine, LLC). Our Facebook (as well as our other social media) has many features! Such as products, fun facts,...

Take our chiroquiz, get a prize!

For the entire month of May, any patient of ours can take this fun-fact chiropractic quiz! If you get 4 or more questions right, you get and awesome prize! Test your knowledge on your own body, on Chiropractic Care, and much more! Below is a link to the PDF. You can...

We adjust hands and wrists!

We adjust hands and wrists!

Did you know that Chiropractic treatment is more than just for backs and necks? Well, it is! We can adjusts hand and wrist joints. Effective for pain relief, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and much more! On top of that, we also adjust knees, hips, shoulders, and...

Did you know Chiropractic is Preventative care?

Did you know Chiropractic is Preventative care?

Chiropractic care is corrective care, but did you know that it is also preventative care? Corrective care is addressing the issue causing the pain, and then minimizing and controlling said pain. Preventative care are like check-ups or screenings. With Chiropractic, it...

Free Face Mask with ear loops

Free Face Mask with ear loops

Refer a friend or write an online review (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, or Google), and get a free facemask! Offer is good until supplies run out! Terms & Conditions: Referral must show up to their follow-up appointment. When you leave a review...

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