We know May is almost over, but we wanted to share our knowledge on posture and Chiropractic while it’s still May.

In perfect posture, the head should be over the shoulders, and the curves of the spine should be in the natural position. Poor posture can affect your breathing, circulation, and your digestion. It also can make specific muscle tighter because they are working even harder than they should be! And most importantly, your spine houses your spinal cord. Poor posture can affect one of the most important parts in your body: Your spinal cord!

Luckily, Chiropractic can help break bad habits such as poor posture. With team effort, the aid of sketches to help stabilize the body, exercises to enforce, and Chiropractic treatment to help with the pain; poor posture can be corrected! We can help you with ergonomics too. Improper ergonomics can attribute to poor posture. Bring in a photo of your work place and we can tell you how to improve it.